About us - New Bee

Who We Are

As a leading audio brand founded in 2013, New Bee created a brand-new hearing experience to its followers with high-tech noise-reducing headphones and sports headphones. It opens the door for younger generations to appreciate the excellence of high-quality sound effects ,and aims to bring new energies, new feelings and new passions to all music fans around the world. 

Our products

New Bee—the representative of technology in new era, is quite different from other brands in current market which only concern their profit margin in sales rather than the quality.New Bee pays more attention to R&D, taking the sound quality and user experience to a brand-new level with the latest technology, truly restoring the frequency of every song.

Our commitment

Our commitment to providing superior-quality items with excellent user experiences has been recognized and praised in a number of top tech media publications.

Our vision

Best products, Best price. Let technology change life.