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How to Replace Beats Ear Pads?

August 14, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments


If you have owned your headphones for a long time or are using them in the gym frequently, the ear pads have likely started to either show their age or smell their age and it might be time to replace them. We sell Replacement Ear Pads for the Beats Studio 3 headphones and this guide shows you how to install them. 


Step 1 - Remove The Beats Studio

To remove the pad simply grab a butter knife, or any tool with enough strength to act as a lever so you can easily detach the plastic base from the Beats Studio headphones. Pick a tool with a dull edge so it won’t damage the audio device.

Gently fit the edge into a small gap between the old ear pad plastic base and the headphones. Don’t try to force the plastic base by pulling it away. It’s gonna be much harder to remove if it’s broken.

Lift the base carefully to separate it from your headphones. Do it from different edges so it will easily come out after around.

Some ear pads would take much longer and harder to remove. This usually depends on how old your headset is.

While replacing the ear pads, you may not notice the plastic base and mistakenly recognize it as part of the headphones. Remember that it is certainly not and that it is a part of the old ear pads you’re trying to remove.


Step 2 - Clean The Remaining Adhesive From The Speaker Surface

After removing the plastic base, you might notice some leftover adhesive on the surface. Clean and wipe out the dirt with the alcohol wipes that came in your Wicked Cushions package.

Once done, you’re all set to install the new ear pad.


Step 3 - Check The Dowels And Their Corresponding Holes

Before you go ahead and install, learn how the ear pad sits in its place.

Examine the surface of the headphone speaker. You should notice the two dowels for each side of the Beats Studio headphones. They are supposed to fit into the two holes located on the backside of the ear pad.


Step 4 - Peel The Adhesive And Stick The Ear Pads

Now that you feel confident that you can do the task, peel the adhesive and be guided by aligning the two dowels into the corresponding holes.


Step 5 - Apply Pressure On The Ear Pad For 10 Seconds

Once aligned, push the ear pad inside and hold it tight for about ten seconds.

After that, go around the entire ear pad with your fingers and push it against the speaker so it sticks. Repeat the same process on the other ear pad.

How To Replace Beats Studio Ear Pads [VIDEO]

We created a new video to show how to remove and install the new replacement ear pads on your Beats Studio headphones.


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Fritz Junior JN PHILIPPE
Fritz Junior JN PHILIPPE

September 16, 2020

The ear pads are awesome! Thank you

Gerald Richardson
Gerald Richardson

September 10, 2020

The ear pads are awesome easy and they are the real thing wow I I am blown away thanks

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